A lot of people live with low self-esteem. They may joke and laugh with you, but deep within them they feel inferior. This feeling affects a lady in various ways.

Here are five of them that a lady must overcome:

  1. SELFISHNESS: Feelings of inferiority can turn a girl into a selfish person, because she will think mainly of herself most of the time and view situations from the angle of her low self-esteem. She often wonders, “What will people think about me? I hope they are not looking down on me.” Everything she does or thinks about hovers around me, me and me! If someone does not smile at her she thinks, “Oh! Maybe I have offended them” rather than “I hope this person is not having a stressful time?”
  3. LACK OF STEADY COMPANIONS: People with low Self-Esteem have a difficult time having steady friends because they easily give wrong interpretation to words and misjudge people’s actions. They are easily hurt by other people’s innocent actions. This will make people stay away from them
  5. WRONG DECISIONS: Low Self-Esteem can make a lady take wrong decision about crucial issues. This is because rather than judge situations from a non-sentimental point of view, the tendency is to look at issues from the angle of that which will make the lady feel important. For example, a woman once told me that she did not love the man she married. She accepted his proposal just because she felt she was too inferior for any man to desire for marriage. Needless to say the marriage ended up a mess because she felt she wasn’t getting fulfilled in the home
  7. PRETENCE: Low self-esteem can make a lady to be pretentious. She may feel she has to pretend to be who she is not in order to gain acceptance by others. For example, a girl who feels she is not exciting to people around her may start making all sorts of silly jokes just to be popular. But being a comedian may not give her what she is looking for.
  9. EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY: Low self-esteem can make a lady to be prone to mood swings. One moment she is happy, the next she is moody. This happens because the lady tends to brood over her shortcomings on a regular basis. Even when something delightful happens to her, it doesn’t take her long before she recalls an unpleasant event that happened in the past.