Missions! That word that sounds almost sacred. It seems to be an assignment for the very spiritual and near-perfect people. That statement echoes in the hearts of several young men. They assume that to be involved in missionary activity simply means to be condemned to a poor quality lifestyle where you are not even permitted to practise your primary profession, thus only the overly pious people can do it. Such thoughts tend to cloud the minds of many youngsters, and some will not even dare to attend a missions’ conference lest they hear a call for missionary service which they really do not want to hear.

It is true that missions is a noble call; it is a noble assignment given by our Lord Jesus Christ himself. “As the Father has sent me, so send I you” (John 20:21). He also said we should go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). This mandate is given to all followers of Jesus, and it is expected that the true follower of Jesus will respond with joy and excitement to the command. So, it is a noble call and it is not a charge to a selected few. It is a charge to all his followers. And I dare to say that this can be a true test of your adherence to him. If you are not willing to take this command seriously, then ask yourself if you are a serious follower of Christ. But I want to assume that you are one. That is why you have bothered to read this article to this point. So, if missions is a command of our Lord Jesus Christ to all his followers, how are you to go about to be a part of those who will bring the mandate to fulfilment? If you look around you may think that being a student is an obstacle to your being part of those who will fulfil the mandate, but when you take a closer look, you will realise that it is an advantage. First, you can look at your environment; it is a very good set up for the fulfilment of the mandate. This is because it is on the campus that you have great access to numerous people who are from different nations. Some are your classmates some others are your lecturers and some are your hall mates. You can start your going from there. Target them. Show love and kindness to them as this will make them open to you. Then begin to pray that God will remove the veil that may cover their hearts and prevent them from receiving the good news. After it, be on the lookout for an opportunity to share the gospel with them, and when the opportunity comes, do not shy away, preach the GOSPEL!

Being a student also exposes you to several opportunities. If you can aim at becoming an excellent student, you will have the chance to go for postgraduate studies after your graduation. You can deliberately seek admission for further studies in places where the gospel is not well established. Such an opportunity is a priceless one, for you will have the opportunity to display the beauty of Jesus Christ among those who will be the future leaders of that nation. Daniel and his classmates displayed the glory of their God when they refused to eat the king’s meat and yet they ended up being the most intelligent. I am sure that several of their classmates would have noticed them. When you are in the university, your classmates are people who are going to be leaders of that nation in the future. If the light of Jesus can shine through you, you will gain many to Christ. You can disciple these people and they will be prepared to take the same gospel to their own people.

Another way you can play your role in missions is for you as a student to be involved in intercession for the harvest of the nations. Start to pray for the harvest of the nations. Jesus told his disciples to pray that the lord of the harvest will send labourers to the harvest. You can make this your daily prayer. That God should raise missionaries to take the gospel to places where it has not been established. For this reason, you need to read information about what is happening all over the world so you can pray.

Since you are aware that God’s expectation is that you will demonstrate your love to him by obedience to all his instructions of which the issue of taking the gospel to the whole world is paramount, then you should prepare yourself to be used of the Lord. Do not wait until the opportunity comes, equip yourself. One very important way to do this is to understand what you believe. This is done by your studying the bible thoroughly. Let there be no portion of the bible that you are unfamiliar with.

Another very important step you can take to be involved in missions is to get involved with a missions agency like Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF); an indigenous missionary organisation. When you do this, you will keep hearing about missions and this will help you not to lose sight of the vision. It is missions agencies like this that will link you up with missionaries that you can adopt and be praying for. The agency will help you arrange short-term missionary visits to the fields during your holidays so you can have the opportunity to share the gospel on the fields. They will also give you current information on things to pray about.

So, being involved in missions is not for perfect people; it is for those who love Jesus and who lean on him for grace and help. In responding to missions, they experience the reality of “lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age” (Mt 28: 20). It is this promised presence of Jesus that does great things through the lives of those who respond to missions. So join the train.