As a young girl, you will have a lot of longings within you. Sometimes you feel that you are the only one having such desires, but no, they are part of the longings of the average adolescent girl. Here are five of such longings.

  1. THE DESIRE TO BE LOVED: Up till now you might not have had a reason to doubt the fact that you are loved, at least by your parents or someone close to you. But now, you long to be accepted by your friends and peers. Their opinion about you matters a lot to you. If they jeer at you, it makes you feel very bad. You may even feel rejected. That is why many girls at this time spend a lot of time on their appearance. They do not want to be ridiculed by their mates. Others venture into having boyfriends not because they really want to, but because it gives them the feeling that they are appreciated by somebody.
  3. THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE: There comes the awareness within you that you are growing up and you desire to make your decisions yourself. Until now, you might not have queried the decisions that your parents make on your behalf, but now you feel that they ought to consult you before they take decisions on your behalf. For example, you no longer appreciate it when they buy clothes for you. You would prefer that the money is given to you so you’re able to make the choice yourself or with your friends.
  4. A DESIRE FOR INDEPENDENCE: You long to be independent; you do not want your mum and dad hanging around you all day long. Your friends will likely jeer at you if you are concerned about your parents opinions on issues. Some girls become irritated when their parents complain that they stay outside the house for too long. There have also been cases where certain girls have been in serious trouble that required the help of their parents or some responsible adult, yet they kept it to themselves and suffered in silence while trying in vain to solve the problems personally.
  5. A DESIRE FOR EXPLANATIONS: Before now, you probably accepted everything your parents classified as good or bad. But now, you may begin to wonder if their judgment was really correct. It is typical that you would start seeking information from other sources like your friends, books, television or the internet. You may begin to feel that Mummy and Daddy are just unnecessarily bothered about you. They seem to cry “Lion” when all that is outside is a kitten. They shout “thunderstorm” when the day is pleasantly bright; a perfect time for young girls to play outside. You start having questions in your young mind about many things.
  6. A DESIRE FOR PRIVACY: Coupled with the desire for independence is the desire for privacy. You are no longer satisfied with saying everything about yourself to just anybody who wants to know. You also want to have control over your own things and be able to protect them from being misplaced or misused. You don’t want just anybody to have access to your private printed information such as your letters and diary. Likewise you want privacy on your electronic correspondence like e-mails, SMS and your social network. This is the time when some teenage girls create personal codes with which to guard personal information that they consider private.