Culled from ‘The Young Heir’ by Deji Adepeju

This is a subject that a lot of well-mannered people don't want to talk about in the open. You see glimpses of it on the TV. Some of your mates whisper about it and you get curious. You might have been told that the discussion is not for boys, but you wonder why? For many boys, curiosity would make them to look for materials that put sexual intercourse in pictures. But unfortunately this leads them into snares that make them become slaves to sex.It is high time we clarified issues.

  1. What is Sexual Intercourse? Normal sexual intercourse occurs when two individuals (male and female) unite their sexual organs in an activity that is meant to bring about pleasure to both parties when done in the right way. It is during this process that the sperms from the male is emitted and flows to the female partner with the hope of fusing with the female egg in order to produce pregnancy that will lead to the birth of a baby.
  3. The Origin of Sex: It is important for you to know that sex was created by God and it is designed for two individuals that are legally married to each another. Sexual intercourse is not just an activity like eating; it is both a physical union as well as a spiritual union. Once you have sex with a person, an invisible force ties you together with that person. Know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, saith he, shall be one flesh.” 1 Corinthians 6:16 (KJV).

    Any kind of sexual intercouse outside of marriage between a male and a female is sin and it invokes the anger of God because God meant sexual intercourse to be sacred.
  5. Sexual Activities Have a Drive or Force: Being involved in sexual activities is not like a normal day-to-day sport. There is a compelling force that follows such involvement. It is better to steer clear of it because once you meddle with it, it becomes very difficult to pull back and be your normal self- again. That is why people who indulge in pre-marital sex find it difficult to stop even when they desire to be free from it. In fact sexual activity is like an explosive device that has damaging effect when used contrary to the instruction in manufactures manual.
  7. Sexual Perversion When a boy has sex with a girl, or when an unmarried man has sex with a girl or woman, he commits the sin of fornication. When a married man has sex with a girl or a woman that is not his wife, he commits the sin of adultery. In addition, some other people look for other ways to satiate their sexual appetites apart from having sex with members of the opposite sex. Such sexual activities are sexual perversions. From the bible we see that sexual perversions are sins against God. And any activity that God calls sin is harmful to our well-being as human beings.
  9. Enslavement: Every sexual perversion gives some form of pleasure to those who practice them. This pleasure serves as bait until the person is fully hooked. For example, a person that is addicted to masturbation will find himself using his lonely times to masturbate, whether night or day. Even if the tip of his private part becomes sore and the act of masturbation is giving him some pain, he will keep doing it; he has become a slave of masturbation. The evil-doer will be taken in the net of his crimes, and prisoned in the cords of his sin. Proverbs 5:22 (BBE) Like animals that cannot control their feelings, an addicted person is unable to end his addiction on his own without help.
  11. You Can Live Free of Sexual Sins: It is possible for a boy to enjoy his growing years without meddling with sexual sins. It starts with a making up of the mind to stay clear of it. If you have made up your mind, then you will take steps that will make your desire a reality. Be determined not to join to watch pictures, or listen to music that arouses passion for sex. Sexual involvement doesn’t just jump on people, often it takes a process. It also means you will avoid friends
    and places where you can be lured into sexual activity, and finally, when you pray that God should deliver you from temptations and keep you clear from sin. In doing this, you will be joining the several hundreds of teenage boys who have decided not to have sex until they are married.
  13. You Can Be Free If you have been involved with sexual, it is true that it enslaves, but yet it is possible to break free from it. But like animals that cannot control their feelings, an addicted person is unable to end his addiction on his own without external help. It is by God’s mighty hand through the help of the Holy Spirit that several people have been set free from sexual perversions.

If you will also like God to help you, you will have to pray but take note of this few points as you pray. First, you must agree that that your actions hav e caused God pain because He did not create you so that you can use your body for dirty acts. Then ask God in prayers to forgive your sins, tell him that you sincerely want to break free and that you need Him to pull you out of the sin. Finally, tell him to make you his own, to make you a new person, to give you right desires so that you would be willing to obey him from now on. Pray your prayers sincerely and use the name of Jesus Christ because it is when you pray through the name of Jesus that God will respond to you.