Whenever you hear someone shout to you “watch out!” you are immediately brought back to alertness. The word “watch” means “be on the lookout for”. There may be things that you may find delight in doing, but doing them may not augur well for you.

Here are five things to watch out for:

  1. WATCH YOUR APPETITE: If you discover that you have a strong appetite (or desire) for things which you cannot afford or which your parents have not made available to you, you must deal with that desire. A girl who is not content with what her parents or guardians provide for her readily falls into temptations. It is possible that you have a strong appetite for flashy clothes, shoes, movies, or for delicacies like fried chicken and the like. If you readily lose your self-control the moment you see something you desire, you have a real problem. It is normal for an animal to go after whatever it desires; an animal takes decisions by his instincts and desires. But we are not animals. A human being can and should discipline himself. If you see that you have a very strong craving for something, then, it is time to deliberately deny yourself of it and let your body know that it cannot be your master.
  3. WATCH WHERE YOU GO: A lot of young girls land into trouble when they go where they are not expected to be. As a girl you are vulnerable i.e. you can easily be abused physically. You must therefore be careful. Do not go to places where you cannot easily get help when you need it. Do not follow a boy or man to his home when he is alone. Even if you went with someone and the person decides to leave you alone with the man or boy, stand on your feet to leave as well. Also, there are places that are public places which are dark at certain hours, do not go there at such hours.

    Someone once said that two things affect who you become in life. They are: the books you read and the friends you make. Friends will have an impact on your life whether you are aware of it or not. You encounter different people every day; out of these there are people whom if you get close to, will make you a better person. But there are also people whom if you relate with, will make you do things that will later make you ashamed of yourself, but the choice is yours. So, if you are going to have friends, decide on what the purpose of your friendship would be. If you aim to be a brilliant student, then go ahead and make friends with a girl that has academic goals herself. It is difficult to maintain friendship with someone when your goals are different. Also, you must be able to relax and be yourself in the presence of your friends. If you have a friend who never sees anything good in you, beware! If you must put up an act when you are with her, then it will have a bad effect on you.
  6. WATCH YOUR COMPORTMENT: As a young girl, you must learn to carry yourself well. Don’t drag yourself about sluggishly. Your posture whether you stand or sit is very important. If you wear a skirt or a wrapper, your knees must be together or else you stand the risk of exposing your underwear to those around you. This is not decent. A lady should learn to comport herself well. You should be tidy and neat in every way. Maintain cleanliness as a habit because one day you will be in charge of a family kitchen. If you are dirty you endanger the members of your household.
  8. WATCH OUT FOR INFATUATION: At this stage of your life, you need to watch out for “infatuation”. Infatuation is a kind of attraction that you have towards someone of the opposite sex, which makes you think of the other person a lot. You long for that person’s attention and you greatly desire to be around that person. You become very sensitive to his voice, and you have a strangely intense affection for him. The summary of it is that you find the person irresistible.
    It is easy to mix up infatuation with true love. But infatuation is not true love because it is usually a selfish love. True love is selfless. Some people call infatuation puppy love, the saying goes that ‘if you marry for puppy love, then you should be ready to live a dog’s life’.
    As a growing girl, once in a while you will find yourself having a strong liking for someone of the opposite sex. It is not an abnormal thing to have a strong liking for an individual, but when it gets to the stage where all you think about when you are alone is that person, then it becomes a problem. God’s word enjoins us to think on things that are good, true and things that have a good report. For you at this stage, it is better to guard yourself against infatuation because when you are infatuated with an individual, it becomes difficult to make right decisions. (Phil 4:8-9).