Culled from The Young Heir by Deji Adepeju

As you keep growing up, a special time will come when wonderful changes began to happen to you. This period is called “PUBERTY” (also called adolescence). That is the period when you change from being a little boy to being a young man.

Here are five things you need to know:

  1. YOUR BODY IS A MIRACLE!: Your body is a miracle. It has been designed by God to grow and this had been happening for several years before now. At this season of your life, some amazing changes begin to happen in your body, your mind and your emotions.
  3. HORMONES AT WORK: Puberty changes begin when a gland (PITUITARY GLAND) in your brain sends signals to your testicles to start pouring special chemicals called hormones into your blood. The TESTICLES are two small balls located inside a small fleshy bag (SCROTUM) slightly below your male organ. You probably have experienced how painful it feels when the testicles are slightly pressed. God designed it that way so that you will protect them because they are vital organs that make it possible for your body to grow into manhood. The hormones produced by your testicles trigger off the development of adult features in your body. God has programmed these hormones to wait until this time of your life before they pour into your blood. The entrance of these hormones is like a signal for several organs of your body. They will start growing rapidly.
  5. OBVIOUS CHANGES: Beard begins to appear on your face, you begin to grow hair in your armpit and around your genitals. Your voice becomes deeper. Your appetite for food will also increase. All these are part of the growth process. The rate at which it happens varies from boy to boy, so don't be afraid if you have not grown some features that you see in your friends.
  7. GENITAL ENLARGEMENT: One very important thing that also happens to you at this time is that your genitals increases in size and responds when stimulated. Much stimulation can make it emit the male eggs in form of sperms. Once a while, you may find yourself waking up in the morning to discover that your pants are wet with a sticky liquid. Girls also have their own body changes; in fact their body changes appear faster than that of the boys. You may start to notice that the girls are prettier; you may even find yourself getting attracted to one or two of them. When this happens, some of your friends may come over and tell you to go and date the girl you like. This is what has led to the downfall of several boys. In fact, some boys are told to experiment with girls, they are told that if they don't have sex, they will contract a disease, but that is a lie.


    The wonderful creator carefully designed your body and programmed it for these wonderful changes as you grow into teenage years. Your body is like a brand new car that God gave you to move around on this planet earth. Just as you must take care of a new car so that it will last longer, you must take good care of your body. Maintain cleanliness and abstain from every form of sexual perversions