by Deji Adepeju

There will be times that a girl will stand out of the crowd; you will just notice her above all others. You will like her. Her voice will ring like a nice melody in your ears. When she smiles, it becomes like sunshine to you. You may even notice some details about her that others do not see, like the shape of her eyes. Something on the inside of you tells you that you are in love and it becomes difficult to get her out of your mind.

But what should you do when you are attracted to a girl?

  1. UNDERSTAND YOURSELF: Your feelings are natural for a growing boy. These feelings are also very strong. It might make you to find it difficult to even concentrate on other things. You may even daydream about her such that while listening to your teacher in class, you would no longer be able to hear him once the thoughts about the girl begin to play in your imagination like a captivating movie. You need to understand that from generation to generation, boys of your age go through it. It is your time now. You have a battle with infatuation that you must win.
  3. RECOGNISE THE DANGERS: However, you need to know that it is one of the most powerful feelings a boy can have but it has been the ruin of several boys who did not know how to handle it. When some boys had these feelings, they felt that they must get this girl at all costs. When they notice that the girl is not interested in them, they threaten her or plan to humiliate her.
  5. DON’T HARASS THE GIRL: Some other boys may proceed to ridicule the girl in public in different ways. Some may invent horrible nicknames and work hard to make the other schoolmates to call her by the name until it becomes her public identity. Some boys invent some other forms of punishment. This is a very wicked act and God is not happy about it. Boys who behave like this need to know that it is childish and that it only shows that they are becoming slaves to their feelings. You must not join them. Your feelings must not be your master.
  7. CONTROL YOUR ACTIONS: Your sexual feelings are not a reason for you to take some irresponsible actions. It is an irresponsible act for you to start thinking of how to fondle a girl or have sex just because you feel sexually aroused. It is okay if a he-goat cannot control its sexual urge and begin to scream and act strangely when it sees a she-goat. It can do that because it is an animal. It is a lower being that is controlled by its feelings. You are not an animal. You are a higher and an honourable being. You are a human being created in the image of God and destined for honour and glory if you become God's child.