I checked the meaning of boyfriend in the dictionary, and Longman Active Dictionary defines boyfriend as “A man that you are having a romantic relationship with.” So, anybody who has a boyfriend has a romantic partner. When a young girl begins to have a boyfriend, she starts to have a new lifestyle and these seven things reflect in her behaviour.

  1. A DOUBLE LIFE: She begins to live a double life because she does not want her family members or her teachers to know that she has a boyfriend. She knows that reasonable parents expect her to focus on her studies; she hides the relationship from them and pretends to be focused and undistracted whereas her mind is pre-occupied with thoughts about the boyfriend.
  3. SNEAKING AROUND: She will need to make out time to visit the boyfriend, and since her parents would not approve of such a relationship, she will not request for time from them. So she begins to sneak out of the house to meet him or when she is sent on an errand, she veers off to quickly have some time alone with the boyfriend before going back home. In this way, she is getting corrupted.
  5. DIVIDED LOYALTY: She begins to have divided loyalty. This could make her betray her parents in order to please her boyfriend. For example, when her Mum gives her money to buy some things for the house, she may inflate the prices so that she would have some extra money left-over so as to make use of it to buy a gift for the boyfriend. Thus, she cheats on her parents to please the guy.
  7. LYING: She starts to tell lies to cover up when her parents or siblings suspect anything. She will find it hard to be transparent about her movement and the source of her gift items. When the boy sends her gifts, she can’t display it to her parents with pride. So, she hides it or tells lies in order to retain the item.
  9. DISTRACTION: She becomes distracted from her studies and other activities since she will spend a lot of her time thinking of the boy and scheming of how they will be together. This is because keeping a relationship demands attention. This may lead to a drop in her grades in school.
  11. TENDENCY FOR UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY: The first step to becoming pregnant is to have a sexual partner. The easiest step to having a sexual partner is to have a boyfriend. The boyfriend is likely to ‘graduate’ into a sexual partner later. This is often a gradual process as no normal boy will state this as his mission at the on-set of the relationship. The average guy will tell the lady that all he wants is just to be a special friend. Then much later when he realises that the lady is now fond of him, he would request for sex. If she says “no”, he would say she doesn’t love him. Then, he brings up the joker that the only way to show that she loves him is to allow him to kiss her, and caress her. At this point, the unwilling girl becomes confused, she does not want sex, yet she does not want to lose him. She might go ahead to have sex in order to please him. Many girls who went into sexual acts did not plan to do so. But the moment a girls starts having a boyfriend, she has unwittingly applied as a candidate for pre-marital sex. And this could eventually lead to pregnancy, and before long, the girl’s life becomes complicated.
  13. MULTIPLE REGRETS: A purposeless relationship with a guy is going to lead to actions that you may live to regret. You may just find yourself playing with each other and toying with each other’s bodies. “Promise me, o women of Jerusalem,...not to awaken love until the time is right” (Songs of Solomon 2:7b NLT) You should not encourage deep feelings towards the opposite sex until you are ready to bear the responsibilities that follow it. The appointed time is the time you are ready to marry, take up the responsibility of taking care of a man, home and also mothering children and training them up. If you are not yet ready for such a responsibility now, the Bible says you should not stir up love. It means don’t go into romantic relationships. Do away with boyfriends and face the major duty of training yourself to be a lady of worth.